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Meet The Team


Here are the friendly folk who serve your delicious milkshakes in Weymouth branch of Shakies:


Name: Chloe


Job Title: Part Time Shaker


About Me: I am Chloe, I go to All Saints School. My favourite things to do are Shopping or going out with my mates


Favourite Milkshake: White chocolate Maltesers.


Claim to Fame: I'm famous in my own little world


Name: Ryan


Job Title: Part Time Shaker


About Me: I like doing lots of Sports activities and playing on my XBox as well as going out with my Mates


Favourite Milkshake: Daim Bar


Claim to Fame: Looking to join the Army in the future


Name: Jack


Job Title: Washer Upper and part time shaker


About Me: I am doing a BTEC Sport Diploma at school and I enjoy playing football in my spare time.


Favourite Milkshake: It's a hard choice with so many great ones to choose from but it would have to be either Boost or Double Decker


Claim to Fame: I've played football at the Swindon County Ground with some of the professional players.e


Jack BName: Jack B


Job Title: Part Time Shaker


About Me: I am a 16 year old lad who loves his music and playing the drums. I also love the Lion King


Favourite Milkshake: Its gotta be Bubblegum Millions


Claim to Fame: I once got mistaken for Justin Bieber from behind by 2 Girls....Wow!