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Shakies 1st official "100 Club" member

Leon Voisey becomes the first official member of the "Shakies 100 Club"

having tried 100 different milkshakes at the Yeovil Shop. Leon said he thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of trying every flavour on the Shakies menu. His favourite is Strawberry and whilst he enjoyed almost all of the flavours he admits that the Chilli and Palma Violets milkshakes tested his resolve a bit, and he won't be trying them again!

You are never too young or old for a Shakies:

One year old Mikaela enjoying her Shakies. She comes into Weymouth most days with her mum Sarah where their favorite Shakies is a Toffee Cheesecake flavour.

You are never too old to try a Shakies milkshake! Mrs. Florence Tuck aged 90 enjoying her first Shakies Milkshake: