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Sooty enjoys her favourite tipple after a hard day on the beach!


6 year old Sooty, one of Maggie’s Donkeys, on Weymouth Beach enjoying one of her favourite Shakies milkshakes. Whenever she sees her handler coming back to the beach with a Shakies Milkshake Sooty comes straight over to make sure she gets her share. Her favourite at the moment is a Toffee Crisp one but she is going to try a Ginger Nuts one soon as they are her favourite biscuits. Maggie describes Sooty as the naughty one of her Donkeys and they have nick-named her Houdini-Donk as she is so good at escaping. She is also the fastest walker of all the Donkeys on Weymouth Beach and is a real Cutie.

If you come to Weymouth, please go and see Maggie and her donkeys on the beach.

They normally start work at 11 o'clock and finish at 5 o'clock as long as the weather is fine.  They normally have a one hour break for a lunch of hay and fresh water with the occasional apple and carrot thrown in.

You can find our more from Maggie’s website:


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